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Broadband set up

Connect an Apple device to your wireless network

It’s quick and easy to connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the internet using your Sky Broadband wireless connection. Before you start, switch on your Apple device and check that your router is connected to the internet. 

1. Switch on your Apple device

Switch on your Apple device and tap the Settings icon.

2. Select the Wi-Fi option

In the Settings menu, find and select the Wi-Fi option.

3. Make sure Wi-Fi is set to On

If it’s not already, make sure Wi-Fi is set to On.

4. Choose a Network on your Apple device

A list of available networks will open. Look through this list until you find your wireless network. You can find these on the back or underside of your router and on the Connect card or the Keep me handy card that came in the Sky router box.

Unless you've changed it, your wireless network name will be something like “SKY” followed by five numbers. For example SKY 12345.

5. Type in your password

Select your chosen network and you’ll be asked for a password. You can usually find your wireless details on the back or underside of your router and on the Connect card or the Keep me handy card that came in the Sky router box.

Make sure you always enter your password in capital letters. The password doesn't contain any numbers. 

When you type in the password you’ll see a series of dots instead of the letters. Don’t worry, your keyboard isn't broken, this is just for security reasons.

6. Join the network

Once you've entered your network key, tap join.

7. Connection complete

Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will now connect to your Sky Broadband network and you’ll see a tick against your highlighted wireless network name.

8. See details of your network

You can tap the arrow against your wireless network to see details of your network connection.

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If you're having problems getting online

If you experience problems getting online, check to see if you can get online using another device such as your computer. If you can’t get online, try our Fix your broadband problems step by step guide as the problem is likely to be with your internet connection. If you can view websites with your computer and the problem is only affecting your games console, you need to refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

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