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Sky Go Extra

Download programmes to your computer with Sky Go Extra

As well as increasing your device limit from two to four, upgrading to Sky Go Extra allows you to download TV programmes to your computer, tablet or mobile device. If you're a Sky Multiscreen customer you can get Sky Go Extra at no extra cost. Or, if you’ve never had Sky Go Extra before, you can log in to your account and sign up for a free trial.

This article will explain how to download and install Sky Go Desktop on your computer, as well as how to download and watch programmes. Sky Go Desktop is an application for your PC or Mac that lets you manage and watch the programmes you’ve downloaded from the Sky Go website

To find out how to download programmes to your tablet or mobile, please see our help article.

How do I download and install Sky Go Desktop?

Sky Go Desktop is available for PC or Mac, but can be used on only one computer at a time. Here's how to install the software:

  1. Sign in to the Sky Go website, using your Sky iD and password.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Install Desktop Software.

During setup you may be prompted to install a free browser "plug-in" called Microsoft Silverlight, which is required for Sky Go Desktop to work.

  1. Open the software by double-clicking the Sky Go Desktop icon (look in your Downloads folder if you're not sure where it is).
  2. Sign in using your Sky iD and password.

Sky Go Desktop will now check for any download requests you make from the Sky Go website, and those programmes will then be downloaded to your computer or laptop. You can then start watching those programmes at a convenient time, usually up to a month after you download them.

How to download programmes to view in Sky Go Desktop

Once you've installed Sky Go Desktop on your compatible PC, Mac or laptop:

  1. Sign in to the Sky Go website, using your Sky iD and password.
  2. Find a programme you'd like to download
  3. Click the Download button to add the programme to your Sky Go download queue.
  4. Open Sky Go Desktop from wherever it was installed on your computer (look in your Downloads folder if you're not sure where it is).
  5. Sign in with your Sky iD and password.
  6. The programme will start to download inside Sky Go Desktop. If you don't see the programme listed, click the Check Queue button.

Wait for the download to finish and you can then start watching the programme. To download more programmes, simply repeat the above process to add the programmes to your download queue. The downloads will proceed whenever you're signed in to Sky Go Desktop.

Sky Go Desktop options

My Downloads: The main Sky Go Desktop window, with your download queue and available programmes.

Open Website: Opens the Sky Go website in a new window, where you can select programmes to download to your computer.

Help: Summary of the main Sky Go Desktop controls.

Sign in/Sign out: Click to sign in with your Sky iD and password. When you're signed in, your download queue will be checked every 10 minutes for programmes you have chosen to download from the Sky Go website. When signed in, the link changes to read Sign out.

Programme image: A preview image of the programme currently selected.

Programme details: Details of the programme currently selected, including synopsis, duration, file size and age certification.

Play/Resume/Restart: Once a programme has finished downloading, the Play button will appear over the programme image. If you have already played part of the programme, you will see Resume and Restart buttons instead. You don't need to be online to watch the programme, unless parental controls are turned on.

Downloading: Displays downloads in progress, or those recently completed.

List All: Displays downloads currently in progress, as well as completed downloads that are ready to play.

Check Queue: Manually check for any new programmes you have queued to download. The queue is checked automatically every 10 minutes while you are signed in to Sky Go Desktop.

Pause all downloads: Pauses all active downloads.

Allow multiple downloads: Programmes are normally downloaded one at a time. Check this box to allow up to four simultaneous downloads.

Expires: The time you have left to watch the programme before it expires. After this, you can download the programme again, subject to availability. Rental programmes will be charged each time you download them.

Pause download: Pauses the selected download. Once paused, the next inactive download in your queue will start automatically. Use the Pause all downloads button to put a hold on all downloads.

Start download: Will start, or restart, the selected download.

Delete: Removes the download from your queue and deletes the downloaded programme from your computer.

Status: Shows the current state of the download. If the status is shown as "Error" or "Corrupt" you will need to delete the download from your queue and download it again from the Sky Go website.

Download Progress: The percentage of the download that has completed.

Queue last checked: Shows when your queue was last checked for new downloads. The queue is checked automatically every 10 minutes while you are signed in to Sky Go Desktop.

Sky Go Desktop and broadband/data usage

All programmes downloaded through Sky Go Desktop will contribute towards any usage caps imposed by your broadband provider. The same applies for any such downloading done over 3G or 4G mobile networks (e.g. when using mobile broadband on your laptop). For a broadband service with no usage caps, we recommend Sky Broadband Unlimited.