We've detected that you may be experiencing poor broadband performance.

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Fix problems with your phone

If you’re having difficulty making or receiving calls, you should first check whether there are any problems with Sky's network. Check our Service Status page to see if there are any known problems in your area. If this is the case, our engineers will be working on fixing the problem, so please try again later.

If there are no known issues listed on our Service Status page, there may be a problem with your home telephone line or handset. Follow the steps below to see what you can do to resolve the problem.

Check the dial tone

Lift your telephone receiver to your ear and check whether you have a dial tone. If you can't hear a dial tone, you should first check the basics:

  • The phone line hasn't been accidentally pulled from the socket or damaged.
  • The volume hasn't been turned down on your phone.
  • The telephone is plugged in to the power socket.
  • If you have a cordless phone, make sure the docking station is plugged in and your phone is fully charged.
  • If you have more than one telephone in your house, check that none of them are off the hook.

Once you've done this, try plugging a different phone into the master socket if you have one available. Your master socket is usually located where the telephone line comes into the premises, and often has a horizontal line running across it. If you hear a dial tone with a different phone, the problem is likely to be with your handset.

If you're still having problems, move onto the next section below.

Unplug all equipment from the phone line

Unplug all equipment plugged into your phone line. These can include:

  • Telephones, fax machines, computers.
  • Sky boxes, your broadband router, microfilters for your broadband connection.
  • Extension leads, adaptors/double adaptors.

Once you’ve unplugged all your equipment, try plugging a working phone directly into the master phone socket. This is usually located where the telephone line comes into the premises.

If this has fixed the issue, then plug each piece of equipment back in one by one, checking the phone line each time to see if a fault occurs. If this reveals one of your pieces of equipment to be causing the problem, please contact the manufacturer of the faulty equipment.

Check the phone line that enters your house

If you're still having problems, there may be a problem with the outside telephone line that enters your house. Have you recently had any maintenance work carried out on your house? Such work could include:

  • A new installation, changing your equipment or telephone supplier.
  • Internal building or decorating work that may have damaged or dislodged a line.
  • External building work or gardening (such as tree surgery) that may have damaged the phone line coming into your house.

If there's any noticeable damage to the phone line entering your house or you believe that it may have been affected by recent maintenance work, please contact us to report the problem.

Still having problems?

If you cannot find any problems with your equipment, but continue to experience issues with Sky Talk, please contact us.