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Sky TV troubleshooting

Fix problems with your TV picture

If something has gone wrong with your Sky box, TV set or connections you may see:

  • A plain or multi-coloured screen, such as a blue or green screen with no pictures at all.
  • A rolling or jumping picture.
  • Programmes that should be in colour showing in black and white.
  • Blurred or frozen images on the screen.
  • Snowflakes (just showing moving white dots/interference).
  • Picture blocking (‘blocky’ or pixelated picture, image split into rectangular shapes).

If so, there are a few things you can try to fix your picture.

  • Try to watch another TV channel

    Try changing to a different TV channel to see if the picture improves. If it’s only occurring on one channel, the problem is likely to be with that particular broadcaster. Wait for a few minutes and then try the channel you were watching again.

  • Check the weather

    Severe weather conditions can affect your satellite signal, which can reduce the quality of TV picture. Follow our no satellite signal step by step guide for more help.

    > No satellite signal 

  • Check Sky’s service status

    Check the service status for any network outages that may be occurring in your area.

    If there aren’t any reported network outages, reboot your Sky box and check the cable connections between your Sky box and your TV.

    > Check Service Status

    You can also get the latest updates on the service status in your area using the Sky Service app. Download it now for free*.

    *App features and functions vary by platform/device. Compatible device required. See iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Most features use 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi (charges may apply).

  • Reboot your Sky box and check your cables

    1. Press the standby button on your Sky remote.
    2. Switch off your Sky box, your TV set and any other equipment connected to it, including your DVD player or VCR at the main power socket.
    3. Disconnect your Sky box from the mains and make sure the lights on the front are off.
    4. At the back of your Sky box, make sure that none of the cables are loose or have come out completely.
    5. After at least three minutes, switch everything back on at the mains and wait for your Sky box to reboot. The lights on your Sky box will come back on after a couple of minutes.
    6. Press sky on your remote and go back to the channel you were watching.

  • Still having problems?

    If you’re still having difficulty with your TV picture, please call us and speak to one of our Sky experts.

    > Contact us