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Get emails from your other accounts

You can receive messages from most external email accounts in your Sky Yahoo Mail account.

To complete the process, you’ll need to know the mail server name for each account you wish to add. You may be able to find this information in the mail providers help section. Please note that the email accounts you would like to use need to support POP access. Some free email services don’t support POP access.

Delivery options include:

  • Choosing the Sky Yahoo Mail folder you want new messages to go into.
  • Deciding whether or not emails in the other accounts should stay in the Inbox after you read them in Sky Yahoo Mail.
  • Choosing to get either all your messages from the other account, or only the new ones.
  • Applying filters to incoming mail from the other mail account.

Add an account using the setup wizard

  1. Sign in to Sky Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the window and select Settings.
  3. Click Accounts, then click Add.
  4. In the Add account window enter the following information:

    Email Address: The email address for the account you are adding to get emails from.
    Description: Any name you'd like to set for this account, such as Work, School or Family.

  1. This next step depends on whether you want to send emails only, or both send and receive emails.
  • To send emails only

    Select Save. Then you are done and you just need to check the email address for a verification mail from Member Services. You'll be able to send emails from the new address once you've clicked the link in the email verifying the account.

  • To send and receive emails

    Check the Set up to Receive emails box:

    • Sending Name: The name you would like to display when you send emails.
    • Username and Password: Please note that the username is different than your email address. Typically it is the text in your external email address before the @ symbol. Your password is whatever you use to access your external email account and not necessarily your Sky password.
    • Reply-to address: This is the email address on which you would like to receive the replies when you send emails from this account.
    • Deliver email to: You can choose which folder to route messages addressed to this account.
    • POP server: Enter your (POP) Mail Server name. This information should be obtained from your external email provider. Only POP mail servers are supported at this time. Select any Advanced Options you'd like to use by checking the appropriate boxes.
    • Use Filters: If you use filters, tick Use Filters to run all messages retrieved from your External Mail account through your Sky Yahoo Mail filters. Any messages that are not filtered will be placed in the folder you choose in the list labelled Deliver incoming messages to:.
    • Override default POP port: If your email provider uses a different Port setting on their POP server, you will need to edit this field. Note: If you are using an account that requires a secure connection (SSL), please use port 995.
    • Leave mail on POP server: Specify whether messages retrieved to your Sky Yahoo Mail account will also remain in your external mail account or whether they will be deleted from your external mail server.

    To confirm your settings, select Save.