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Sky Go is the streaming service that allows you to watch Sky when you're not in front of the TV from wherever you are in the UK and Ireland. You can watch programmes on any compatible PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone – including iPads, iPhones and a range of Android devices.

Sky Go is free to all Sky TV customers. When you use Sky Go for the first time, you'll be asked to link Sky Go to your TV account.

How does Sky Go work?

You can watch Sky Go on your computer, or on your tablet or smartphone through the Sky Go app. Each is designed to give you a different way to watch Sky TV content.

Which devices are supported by Sky Go?

The full list of devices that work with Sky Go can be found on our supported devices list.

Sky Go broadband data usage

All programmes streamed through Sky Go will contribute towards any usage caps imposed by your broadband provider. The same applies for any such streaming done over 3G or 4G mobile networks.

For a broadband service with no usage caps, we recommend Sky Broadband Unlimited for our UK customers.

For a broadband service with no usage caps, we recommend Sky Broadband Unlimited for our Republic of Ireland customers.

How many devices can I use to watch Sky Go?

With Sky Go, you can watch TV on the move on up to two devices.

The first two devices on which you use Sky Go will automatically register themselves to use the service. If you then try to watch Sky Go on a third device, you will be advised to switch your registered device settings via the Sky Go website. Registered devices may be changed at most once per calendar month.

You can double the number of devices on which you can use Sky Go by upgrading to Sky Go Extra, allowing you to download programmes to watch offline on up to four devices.

If you’re in the UK, go to Sky Go Extra for more information.
If you’re in the Republic of Ireland, go to Sky Go Extra for more information.

Connecting to Sky Go with Sky Broadband

You can also watch Sky Go online with a wireless internet connection. Connect your device to your Sky wireless network.

You can extend the signal of your broadband to reach your device by adding a Wireless Booster. Learn more and purchase a Booster.

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