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How to use Calendar within Sky Yahoo Mail

Creating new events

You can quickly add a new event to your calendar by clicking on the date where you would like to enter it.

How to create a new event from the Calendar Day, Week, Month, or Year view

  1. Sign in to Sky Yahoo Mail.
  2. Select the Calendar icon on the top-left hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on a day within the calendar. If you are already using Day view, you can skip this step.
  4. Select the starting time for your event, and if you want to set an ending time, keep the left mouse button pressed down and drag to the desired time.
  5. Type a title for the event in the Title box.
  6. Type a location in the Location box.
  7. Click Save when you have completed setting the event details.

Note: If you do not select a calendar, the first calendar in the menu list is automatically assigned.

To add more details to the event

  1. Select Add More Details.
  2. When the new window opens, add the relevant details.
  3. Click Save when you have completed setting the event details.

Add event details using the New Event and Edit Event windows

You can add more details to an event such as the location, notes, reminders, and invitations. For new events, you can add details by using the New Event window and for existing events use the Edit Event window.

  • Title: Type a short description of the event, 80 characters or less. This title will display in your calendar.

  • Start: Date and time the event begins.

    - If the event doesn't have a specific time or is for the entire day, check the
    All-Day checkbox.
    - All day events will appear at the top of your day view.
    - To make this a recurring event, see "Reminder," below.

  • End: Date and time the event ends.

  • Repeat: Set up repeat events from a single location.

  • Location: Type the location of the event. The location does not display when you send an invitation, use the "Notes" box if you want to send location information to an event invitee.

  • Invitees: Type event attendee email addresses in the To box.

    - One or more attendee email addresses can be added.
    - Separate multiple email addresses with a space, comma, or semi-colon.
    - Once you have added email addresses for attendees and saved, you can return later to view their RSVP information: Attending, Not Attending, Maybe, and Not Yet Replied.

  • Notes: Type more detail about the event. Information in the Notes box shows as the Message Information when you send an invitation, showing event information to your invitees.

    - Don't put anything in the Notes box that you would not want to share with all of your invitees.
    - The Notes box content does not display in the Calendar views (Day, Week, Month, or Year), but it does display when you rollover the event in the Event Summary.

  • Reminder: Click to see options for specifying reminder times and the method of reminder delivery.

    - Delivery methods include: email or an instant message. You can also add a second reminder by clicking on the + sign.

  • Type: Specify the type of event. Some of the event types include Invite, Work, School, Birthday, or just assign it a colour.

How to create a new calendar

You can organise your events into manageable groups using different calendars with unique names and colours. With separate calendars, you can see your events one at a time, a few at a time, or all at once.

  1. From within Sky Yahoo Mail, click the Calendar icon on the top-left hand side of the screen.
  2. Select Actions and then Create New Calendar.
  3. Type a name for the new calendar.
  4. Select a colour for the calendar.
  5. Select SaveThe new calendar is added to your list of calendars.