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Ordering a Sky Box Office movie or event

Sky Box Office

The easiest way to order Sky Box Office events is with your Sky remote. If your Sky box doesn’t have an active broadband connection, you’ll need to make sure your box is connected to a functioning phone line before ordering.

Please note: If you're a Sky Multiscreen customer, activated your viewing card after 17 December 2013 and none of your Sky boxes are connected to your home broadband network, you will need to order by phoning Sky.

If you’re ordering an event or movie with your Sky remote on your Sky+HD box, you can choose to see a reminder when the programme starts, or record it.

If you book an event online or by phone, a reminder won’t be added to your planner and you won’t be able to record it.

You can also book Sky Box Office events by phoning Sky but please note that ordering by phone incurs a small administration charge.

Sky Store

If you have On Demand you can rent movies instantly in the Sky Store. Movies on Sky Box Office channels start at regular intervals, but the Sky Store gives you access to a much bigger range of movies with no waiting.

To get started with Sky Store, just press tv guide on your Sky remote. Use the arrows buttons to highlight Sky Store and press select to begin searching for the movie you want to rent.