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Ordering a Sky Box Office movie or event

Sky Box Office

The quickest and easiest way to order a Sky Box Office movie or event is by using your Sky remote. To get started, follow the instructions below and read our suggestions if you still need help. If your Sky box doesn't have an active broadband connection, you’ll need to make sure your box is connected to an active phone line before ordering.

  • Order using your Sky remote

    1. Press box office on your Sky remote
    2. Use the right arrow to highlight Box Office, then press select.
    3. Highlight the chosen category by pressing the left or right arrows and press select.
    4. Highlight the event or movie you'd like to book, then press select.
    5. You can record the movie or event you've chosen if you have a compatible Sky+ or Sky+HD box. Just press the R button on your Sky remote.
    6. You’ll see a message saying ‘Checking purchase information’.
    7. A message confirming the purchase will be displayed.
    8. Enter your TV PIN if prompted.
    9. Press select and the movie or event you've chosen will now be added to your Planner.
    10. Press sky to return to normal viewing.

    Rent from Sky Store

    If your Sky+HD box is connected to your home broadband network, you can rent movies instantly from Sky Store. Movies on Sky Box Office channels start at scheduled times, but with Sky Store, you can watch when you want.

    1. Press tv guide on your Sky remote.
    2. Use the arrows on your Sky remote to highlight Sky Store.
    3. Press select to begin searching for the movie you want to rent.

  • Order a Sky Sports Box Office event online

    Please note: the best way to book is by using your Sky remote as you’ll be able to record the event using Sky+. If you order an event online or by phone, a reminder won’t be added to your planner and you won’t be able to record it.

    1. When a Sky Sports Box Office event is available you can order online.
    2. Choose the Sky Sports Box Office event you'd like to order.
    3. Enter your Sky iD. If you don't have your username or password handy don't worry, you can retrieve them online.
    4. Enter your email address if you’d like to receive an email receipt.
    5. Confirm your order.

    > See Sky Sports Box Office events

  • Having problems ordering?

    1. Check that your Sky box is connected to an active telephone line, or to your home broadband network via your router.
    2. Make sure you have the correct viewing card inserted in your Sky box.
    3. If you've recently chosen to cancel your Sky account and you're still in your 31 day cancellation period, you'll need to have a chat with us in order to book a Sky Box Office movie or event.
    4. If you're a Sky Multiscreen customer with no boxes connected to your home broadband network, and you activated your viewing card after 17 December 2013, you'll need to chat to us to place your order.
    5. If you still need help with ordering a Sky Box Office movie or event, why not ask a question in our Sky Community or contact us instead.