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Recordings and Planner

Problems with your recordings and Planner

If you’re having problems when trying to record a programme or playback your recordings, try following the options below.

  • 1. Clear your deleted items and reset your Sky+ box

    This can often resolve temporary recording and Planner issues.

    How to clear your deleted items:

    1. Press tv guide on your Sky remote.
    2. Use the right arrow button to scroll to your Planner.
    3. Press select.
    4. Use the left arrow button to scroll to the Deleted tab, then press select.
    5. Highlight each recording and press the yellow button to permanently delete them from your box.

    How to reset your Sky+ box:

    1. Turn off your Sky+ box and unplug it from the wall socket.
    2. Leave the box unplugged for at least 60 seconds.
    3. Plug it back in at the main wall socket and switch the box back on.
    4. Try recording a programme or play back a recording from your Planner.

    If you’re still having difficulty, try rebuilding your Planner using the option below.

  • 2. Rebuild your Planner

    If resetting your Sky+ box hasn't resolved the problem, watch our video or follow the instructions below.

    Please note: Rebuilding your Planner will not delete any of your previous recordings. However, it will interrupt any recordings currently in progress, so it's best to do this when you’re not recording a programme.

    Video: How to rebuild your Planner

    How to rebuild your Planner:

    1. Press services on your Sky remote.
    2. Press the right arrow button to highlight Settings.
    3. Press select.
    4. Press 0, then 1, followed by select to access the Setup screen. You'll now see a new set of screens that are normally hidden from view.
    5. Press the left/right arrow buttons to highlight Sky+ Rebuild.
    6. Press select. You'll now see this message: "This will take a few minutes to complete. The rebuild will stop all recordings and reboot your Sky+HD".
    7. Press select to start the rebuild. The onscreen message "Housekeeping please wait" will appear and then disappear within two minutes.  The Planner rebuild may take up to four minutes in total.
    8. Once complete, your Sky+ box will automatically switch itself off and then back on.  The red standby light on your Sky+ box will then come back on again (newer boxes have an amber standby light).
    9. Wait for a further two minutes after the red standby light has appeared.
    10. Press sky on your remote control.
    11. When the power light on your Sky+ box changes to green try using your Planner to record and view recordings as normal.

    Last Resort - Full System Reset

    If the Planner still doesn't allow you to record, view or delete programmes, you may need to perform a full system reset.

    Please note: A full system reset should only be attempted as a last resort as you’ll lose everything that’s saved on your Sky box, including all your recordings and reminders. 

    > Full System Reset

Missed a programme?

Don’t forget, you can check the Sky TV Guide for alternative airings of any programmes you’ve missed, or if your Sky+ box is connected to your broadband network, you can also check to see if the programme is available to download in Catch Up TV.

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