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Remove a package or cancel your subscription

If you'd like to remove a package from your account or to cancel your entire Sky subscription, contact our customer service advisors and they'll be able to help you right away.

You can get in touch in the following ways:

  • Telephone: Calls are free for Sky Talk customers.

  • Web-mail: Send us a message saying that you wish to cancel and we’ll call you back to verify your details and process your request. Please note, we won't be able to cancel your Sky services unless we’re able to verify your request over the phone.

Why do we need to talk to you?

We need to talk to you so we can verify your details and process your request. We can also help you avoid any unnecessary loss of service if you’re moving to another provider. We'll explain other potential consequences of cancelling your Sky services such as loss of discounts or early termination charges that might be due if you are leaving before your minimum term contract is up.

The only exception to this is if you're cancelling within 31 days of your Sky services going active.

Visit our Contact us page for the details you need.

Please note: It’s really important you don’t cancel your direct debit or any other ongoing payment arrangement with us until your cancellation has been confirmed by us. This is because any outstanding balance will need to be paid and cancelling the direct debit may lead to your account falling into debt.

Switching from Sky Broadband to another provider

If you're switching your broadband from Sky to another provider, read our Get a MAC code to switch from Sky Broadband article to find out how to obtain your MAC from Sky, to help you move with the minimum of fuss.