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Set up your Sky Hub

Before setting up your Sky Hub, check your activation date. You'll find this on the top of your Sky Hub packaging. Your broadband activation can occur at any time up to midnight on the date of activation.

To set up the Sky Hub, you'll need the cables we sent in your pack and microfilters for each telephone socket in use in your home including the phone socket used by your Sky TV box.

You can watch our Sky router set up YouTube video, download our Sky Hub set up guide as a PDF or follow the steps below. The set up process is the same if your Sky Hub is a different colour.

Please note: The router in the video may be different from your router at home, but the principle of connecting to the internet is exactly the same.

1. Find your master phone socket

For your best speeds and stability you should connect your Sky Hub to your master phone socket. This is where your broadband signal is strongest.

To find it look around your home for a larger phone socket with a line in the middle and possibly a BT or Openreach logo. You can also try tracing where your phone line enters your home from the street and looking on the wall near there.

2. Unplug everything from your master phone socket

If you have a splitter, a phone cable and/or any existing broadband equipment already inserted into your master phone socket, unplug it all, including any old Sky microfilters. Once your black Sky Hub is up and running you can recycle or discard your old equipment.

3. Plug in your Sky Hub

Note: If you have a pre-filtered phone socket then you don't need to use a microfilter. Instead, attach the grey cable directly to the pre-filtered phone socket and then skip to Step 3 below. If you have a pre-filtered phone socket, don't try to connect your black Sky Hub to any other phone socket in your home.

Step 1: Plug the white end of the microfilter with the grey ADSL cable attached directly into your master telephone socket.

Step 2: Plug the phone cable or splitter that you previously removed to the microfilter port marked Sky Box/Phone.

Please note: Never plug microfilters into other microfilters. This will prevent your Sky Broadband connection from working.

Step 3: Plug the grey end of the ADSL cable into the back of your Sky Hub.

Step 4: Now plug the blue connector of the black power cable into the back of your Sky Hub. Then plug it in at the mains and switch on.

Don’t forget to fit microfilters on each phone socket in use around the rest of your home. Read our Check your microfilters article on how to connect these in your home.

Going online

Once you've completed your set up, you can then set up a wireless or wired connection.

Extend your Hub signal

You can add a Wireless booster to extend the signal of your Sky Hub. Learn more and purchase your Wireless Booster.