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Set up your Sky Wireless Booster

If you have an area in your home where you don’t have a wireless signal, using the Wireless Booster will boost the Wi-Fi signal and get you online in that area.

The Wireless Booster works best with the routers shown in the image below. If you have a different router, we recommend you update it first as this may help you resolve your issue.

You can set up your Wireless Booster in several ways. If your router has a WPS button, this is the easiest way to connect to your Wireless Booster. If not, you can connect manually using an Ethernet cable, and if you don’t have an Ethernet-compatible device, then you can connect using a wireless device.

Follow the steps below to set up your booster or if you prefer, you can download the Set Up Guide as a PDF.

Please note: Your router may look different to the images in this guide.

  • Wireless Booster position

    Your Wireless Booster needs to be located in or near the area in your home where you’re experiencing poor wireless signal. Positioning your Wireless Booster in the best location is essential to ensure best performance.

    1. Switch off and unplug your Wireless Booster at the mains. Don’t worry, your Wireless Booster will automatically stay connected to your router.
    2. Take your Wireless Booster to the room or area in your home where the black spot is, plug it in to a power socket closest to your router and switch it on at the mains.
    3. Within approximately 30 seconds the wireless light will turn solid white.
    4. Your Wireless Booster is now reconnected to your router and wireless coverage has been extended in your home.

  • Reposition your Wireless Booster if it’s out of range

    1. Find another power socket closer to your router. This may not be in the same area as your black spot.
    2. Plug your Wireless Booster into the power socket and switch it on at the mains.
    3. If you’re now in range of your router, within approximately 30 seconds the wireless light will turn solid white.

    If the wireless light is flashing white this means your Wireless Booster is out of range of your router and you haven’t extended the wireless coverage.

    Repeat steps 1-3 above in another location nearer your router until the wireless light turns solid white, only then is your Wireless Booster reconnected to your router.

    Please note: If you move your Wireless Booster too close to your router i.e into the area where you already have Wi-Fi coverage, it will cause interference.

  • Need to buy a Wireless Booster?

    Does your Wi-Fi signal struggle to reach some areas of your home?  Our Sky Wireless Booster makes your Sky Broadband go even further and boosts your Wi-Fi signal to work in places it didn’t before.

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