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Sky Broadband Connect Network Management

If you are a Sky Broadband Connect customer, you may experience slower speeds during peak times (from 5pm to 12am each day) for certain applications that use up a lot of bandwidth and are not time critical, such as peer-to-peer and newsgroups. This is as a result of Sky's Traffic Management, which is applied to the Connect network so that we are able to provide a sustainable quality broadband service to our Connect customers.

There is also a Traffic Management Policy that applies to Connect customers during peak times, if you are in the top 2% of Connect customers using an excessive amount of bandwidth and impacting other customers' experience on the Connect product we may apply more severe restrictions to your speeds for all applications during peak times - for more details see the Usage Policies section of the Sky Broadband Subscription.

Sky Broadband Connect Network Management Policy

Sky Broadband Connect is subject to a Network Management Policy in addition to the monthly Usage Cap. We continuously monitor and efficiently manage the performance of Sky Broadband Connect to ensure that we provide a sustainable quality broadband service to our customers. When our network is busy we give priority to applications such as browsing, email, streaming, instant messaging, gaming and Voice over IP (VoIP).

This means that certain applications which use up a lot of bandwidth (for example peer-to-peer file-sharing, large file downloads and newsgroups), which have a negative effect on other customers, may run slower at peak times. Our network is busiest between 4pm and 11pm on weekdays and all day at the weekend, but can be busy at other times too, depending on regional, national and international demand.

In addition, we monitor customers who use the most bandwidth and whose usage is having a negative effect on other customers. Customers who breach the Usage Cap or who regularly download large amounts at peak times will have restrictions placed on their accounts to reduce their download speeds at peak times. Only a small number of customers will be affected by this, typically fewer than 5%. We remove these restrictions when our network is not busy.

Please note that this Fair Usage Network Management Policy does not apply to Sky Broadband Lite or Sky Broadband Unlimited.