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Sky iD

Sky iDs for Family and household members

Every Sky account must have a Primary Sky iD. The Primary Sky iD is the first user to create an iD and link it to the household account. A Primary Sky iD allows you to:

  • Access your account and billing details.
  • Access all of the services you're subscribed to, such as Sky Go or Sky Email.
  • Change your subscription (e.g. request upgrades or a Home Move).
  • Manage users on the account.
  • Access McAfee Security, Sky Broadband Shield and Parental Controls for your TV and Sky Go.

You can only have one Primary Sky iD on your account and this should be the bill payer.

In addition to the Primary Sky iD, a further nine Sky iDs can be linked to the household account which lets you share the benefits and services of Sky with other members of your household.

Additional Sky iDs explained

There are two different types of additional Sky iDs, each granting a different level of access to your Sky account.

  • Authorised Sky iD: This is ideal for members of the household who need to see the account and billing information and may need to make purchases or changes on the account. Authorised Sky iD holders have the same level of access as the Primary Sky iD holder, but cannot manage other Sky iD users on the account or access McAfee Security.

  • Secondary Sky iD: This is ideal for members of the household who do not need to see any billing information or have access to change the subscription. Secondary Sky iD holders have access to all of the services the household is subscribed to and can enjoy full use of these.

Customers can also create a Guest Sky iD if they do not have a Sky account. A Guest Sky iD is not linked to a Sky account, but may access other services such as Mobile TV and Now TV.

Create an additional user account

There are two ways to create additional Sky iDs:

  • Household or family members can follow the Self Sign Up process to get a Sky iD, after the Account Holder has created the Primary Sky iD on the account.

We’ll send an email to the Primary Sky iD to notify them that another user has linked to their Sky account.

  • The Primary Sky iD can create additional users by following the steps below.

How to create a Sky iD for household or family members

  1. Sign into our Manage additional users page in My Sky.
  2. Select Set up an additional user.
  3. Insert the details of the user you wish to add:

    Email address
    : this must be a valid email address.

    Choose a username
    : Their username must be unique. If another customer has already selected the username we’ll provide you with a list of alternatives to choose from.

    Choose a password
    : Their password should be at least eight characters and use a mixture of letters and numbers. Don't start with a number, include the username or use the word ‘password’.

  4. Check your additional user is happy with our Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy and contact preferences and accept them.
  5. Select Save to submit your additional user.
  6. You’ll need to let the additional user know their password and remind them that they should reset this to something only they will know.
  7. We'll send them an email them to say they have a Sky iD and can sign into Sky’s online services.

View existing additional users

To view the Sky iDs associated with your household you've set up:

  1. Sign into our Manage additional users page in My Sky.
  2. Any additional users you've set up will be listed in the Manage Additional Users section.

How to remove an additional user

  1. Sign into our Manage additional users page in My Sky.
  2. Use the Remove user link next to the name of the additional user you wish to remove.
  3. Once you remove an additional user, their Sky iD will remain live but will not be linked to your household any longer (they will have a Guest Sky iD) and will not be able to access many of Sky’s online services.

If they know your Sky account details (your Sky Account number, Sky viewing card number or the last 6 digits of your bank account number used to pay for Sky), they can re-link their Sky iD with your household. If they do this, the Primary Sky iD will receive an email from Sky.

How do I change my Sky iD user type?

Only the Primary Sky iD user can update Sky iD user types on the household account. You can find their details in the Additional Users section of My Sky. The Primary Sky iD user needs to contact us by telephone to request the change, and will need to go through security checks in order to do this.