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Sky Talk Voicemail Plus explained

Sky Voicemail Plus lets you access messages you receive when away from your telephone or engaged on another call from any phone, store 30 messages at a time and record a personalised greeting.

How to get Voicemail Plus

If you added Sky Talk Voicemail Plus when joining Sky Talk, this will have been activated automatically as part of your Sky Talk package.

For current Sky Talk customers who would like to add Voicemail Plus, please contact us.

For remote access to your Voicemail you will need to set up a four digit PIN the first time you use your Sky Talk service. Please call us to set up your PIN.

Check your messages from your home telephone

To check if you have any voicemail messages on your home telephone, pick up your phone and listen to the dial tone. If you hear a stuttering dial tone, dial 1571 to access your mailbox.

Once you’ve listened to your message, you’ll be given the option of returning the call, listening to the message again, saving the message or deleting the message. If you choose to save a voicemail message, you can listen to it again by dialling 1571. Your voicemail messages are stored for 30 days.

Check your messages from another phone

  1. Dial your home telephone number.
  2. When you hear the voicemail message, press star ( * ) on your keypad then enter your PIN.
  3. Once you’ve accessed Voicemail Plus, you can listen to your messages, record your personalised greeting message and change your PIN.

If you have any issues with Sky Talk Voicemail Plus please contact us.

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