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Sky Wireless Booster

If you find that you have a blackspot – an area in the home where you can’t access the internet - or there is a problem with your broadband signal range, the Sky Wireless Booster will extend the range of your wireless signal to help you get online in that area.

If you need to set up your Sky Wireless Booster, go to our Set up your Sky Wireless Booster article for help on how to do this, otherwise read our FAQs below.

  • Which router is the Wireless Booster compatible with?

    The Wireless Booster works best with the routers shown in the image below or other Wireless 'N' routers. If you have a different router that isn't Wireless 'N', we recommend you update it first as this may help you resolve your issue.

  • Will the Wireless Booster work for more than one blackspot?

    The Wireless Booster will only be able to address one blackspot.

  • What’s the range of the booster?

    The range the Wireless Booster transmits to will vary from one home to another depending on the layout of your home.

    Your home environment, including the layout of your home may affect the range of your signal which will vary from one home to another.

  • What’s the best location for the booster?

    Your Wireless Booster needs to be located in or near the area in your home where you’re experiencing poor wireless signal, and connected to the power socket in that area that’s closest to your router.

    Our Set up your Sky Wireless Booster article has more information on positioning your Wireless Booster to ensure best performance.

  • What speed can I expect with the Wireless Booster?

    The Wireless Booster will boost the Wi-Fi signal and give you an improved wireless signal in the blackspot in your home but it will not improve the broadband speed into your home.

    The Wireless Booster works by receiving the signal from your router and retransmitting it on the same channel at the same time. This means even a strong signal connection to your Wireless Booster will provide approximately half the connection speed compared to a device connected directly to the router.

  • Why is my broadband slower on my device when I move away from the blackspot?

    Your device may be using the signal from your Wireless Booster even though you’ve moved to a different part of your home.

    Go to the wireless settings of your device and turn Wi-Fi off and on again. Please refer to your devices manufacturer for instructions on how to do this. This will make sure your device is connected to the strongest Wi-Fi signal.

    You can also turn your Wireless Booster off when you aren't using your device in the blackspot area to stop your device automatically connecting to it.

  • What does the white flashing wireless light mean?

    You have positioned your Wireless Booster too far away from your router. The Wireless Booster needs a good signal from your router to extend your Wi-Fi range. Try moving the Wireless Booster closer to your router.

    Go to our Set up your Sky Wireless Booster article for more information on how to position your Wireless Booster in your home.

  • My device doesn't automatically switch the Wi-Fi connection between the Wireless Booster and my router.

    Some wireless devices do not automatically switch connection from the Wireless Booster to your router and vice versa. You’ll need to do this manually by going into the wireless settings of your device and make sure you’re connected to your router. Please refer to your devices manufacturer for instructions on how to do this.

  • I've connected my Wireless Booster but can’t get internet access.

    Make sure the power and wireless lights are solid white on your Wireless Booster. If the wireless light is flashing, it means the Wireless Booster is positioned too far away from your router and you’ll need to move it closer until the wireless light turns solid white.

    Go to our Set up your Sky Wireless Booster article for more information on how to position your Wireless Booster in your home.

  • Does the Wireless Booster support the Wireless Station Access List feature?

    The Wireless Station Access List feature allows you to further increase security on your wireless network by restricting access to only a specified list of wireless devices based on their MAC address. When this feature is enabled, any device not included in the access list will be refused connection to the network, even if it uses the correct SSID and Password.

    The Sky Wireless Booster doesn't support the Wireless Access Station List feature. Any wireless device that connects to the booster using the correct security credentials will be allowed to access your wireless network. Any device specific MAC address restrictions set on your router will be ignored by the booster and there is no option on the booster to add this manually.

    The normal level of security provided by your wireless network is in no way affected and no one can access your network using the booster unless you give them the correct SSID and Password.

  • Need to buy a Wireless Booster?

    Does your Wi-Fi signal struggle to reach some areas of your home?  Our Sky Wireless Booster makes your Sky Broadband go even further.  It boosts your Wi-Fi signal to work in places it didn’t before.

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