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Watch Sky in 3D

To watch Sky TV in 3D you need:

  • A Sky+HD box
  • Sky HD or the Family Bundle*
  • A 3D-ready TV
  • 3D glasses

The programmes you will be able to watch on the Sky 3D channel depend on your TV bundle. For example, if your TV bundle does not include Sky Sports 1 and 2 in HD, you will not be able to view Sports programmes screened on the Sky 3D channel.

* Please note that the Family Bundle is not available to customers in the Republic of Ireland.

To activate Sky 3D, sign in to the Sky 3D activation page and select Activate Sky 3D. The HDMI cable that comes with your Sky+HD box will work with Sky 3D, you don't need a special cable.

How to get the best 3D experience

  • Manually switch your TV into 3D mode. Your Sky+HD box won't perform this change automatically.
  • If you use "active" 3D glasses, remove any obstructions between you and your TV's 3D sync transmitter (this may be a separate unit or built into your TV).
  • Make sure no other infrared devices are close to your TV's 3D sync transmitter.
  • Your TV's 3D sync transmitter may not work in direct sunlight or if exposed to fluorescent lighting (50/60Hz).
  • Use your 3D glasses between 1 and 6 metres from your TV, and don't sit at an angle. The optimum viewing distance is equivalent to three times the height of your TV. For a 46" TV, the optimum viewing distance is about six feet.
  • Sitting head-on to the TV will give you the best 3D display. Avoid placing your 3D TV high up on a wall, unless you can tilt the TV down to face you.

3D test card

The Sky 3D test card is regularly broadcast on the Sky 3D channel. Use it to check your 3D TV's picture and sound.

Configuring your 3D TV

Please follow the instructions for the make of TV you own:

Don't forget

When you change to a non-3D channel, turn off your TV's 3D mode and take off your 3D glasses.