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Your Sky TV PIN

Your Sky TV PIN is a four digit code which lets you access age restricted content, interactive services and Sky Store movies, as well as set up parental controls on your Sky box to restrict the programmes and channels that can be viewed on your TV. 

I've never been given a PIN

You're automatically given a PIN when you join Sky. If you're new to Sky or don't remember changing your PIN, the PIN we set up for you is set by default as the last four digits of your Sky viewing card number.

I've forgotten my PIN and want to change it

If you’ve forgotten your PIN or haven’t yet set one up, you can set up a new PIN easily by following these instructions:

  1. Sign in to the TV settings section of My Sky using your Sky iD and password.
  2. Select Change your PIN.
  3. Enter a new four-digit PIN in the Enter new PIN field.
  4. Repeat the new PIN in the Confirm new PIN field.
  5. Select Update PIN.

When choosing your new PIN, we suggest you avoid using your date of birth or any other combination that might be easy for others to guess. You are responsible for keeping your Viewing Card PIN secure and confidential.

That's it. You can now manage your Sky TV using your new PIN. For a guide on managing parental controls, see our Set up parental controls for Sky TV article.

Forgotten your Sky iD username or password?

If you can't sign in to My Sky because you've forgotten your Sky iD username or password, use the following links and then try to sign in again: