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Help with Sky Go buffering

Find out how to check for Sky Go service problems, check your connection speed and check your device compatiblity.

Using Silverlight with Sky Go

Google Chrome no longer supports the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in used for watching TV from Sky through Sky Go on your computer.

Sky Go error messages on your computer

Find help in our troubleshooting guide if you're seeing an error message when using Sky Go on your computer.

Error messages on the Sky Go app

Find out how to resolve error messages that are preventing you from watching Sky Go on your mobile or tablet device.

Forgotten username or password

If you've forgotten your Sky iD username or password, it's easy to get a reminder.

Watch TV from Sky on Sony PlayStation

Find out how you can watch TV from Sky through your PlayStation.

Fix picture problems with Sky Go

Find out how to improve your picture quality and stop buffering when streaming programmes on Sky Go.

No sound when watching Sky Go

If you can't hear sound when watching programmes on Sky Go, find out what you can do to resolve it.

Forgotten Sky Go PIN

Follow the instructions in this article to reset your Sky Go PIN.

Can't download or install the Sky Go app

If you can't download or install the Sky Go app, you'll need to check your device is compatible.

Programmes not available on Sky Go

Find out why certain programmes may not be available to watch on Sky Go.

Sky Go pop out player not appearing

If Sky Go isn't opening in a new window when watching on a computer, you'll need to stop your browser from blocking pop-ups.

Problems with Sky TV on Xbox 360

Find help if you're having difficulty with Sky TV on your Xbox 360.

Help with your Sky products during bad weather

Bad weather during winter months can sometimes affect your Sky products. Read our articles for advice and tips this winter.