We've detected that you may be experiencing poor broadband performance.

Find your broadband speed

The Broadband Connection speed is the speed of your broadband connection between the local telephone exchange and your router. This is the speed that Sky Broadband is able to provide into your home.

Please remember that the speed shown as a result of this test won't tell you how fast you actually experience the internet within your home as this depends on how many other devices you have connected to the internet.

Using the Sky Hub?

If you have the Sky Hub you'll have access to the automatic Broadband Connection Speed Finder. This tool will find your speed without the need to visit other websites or log in to your Sky Hub, just follow the link below.

By clicking the link, you will launch the Broadband Connection Speed Finder. Please make sure you are in your home before running this test.

Broadband speed finder

Black Sky Hub

Other routers

To find the Broadband Connection speed using another type of router, follow the instructions below to find the speed manually.

Please note that you need to be in your home to find your Broadband Connection speed.

  1. Open your router home page. If you prefer to do this manually, open a new web browser window, type in the address bar and press return.
  2. In the login box, enter the username admin and the password sky.

You’ll see a screen which shows your Upload and Download speeds.

Sky subscribes to Ofcom's Voluntary Code of Practice on broadband speeds.