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Sky TV price changes for 2013

From time to time we have to review our prices in the UK so we can keep on bringing you great entertainment and clever new ways to watch it.

The following information outlines the changes to standard pricing. Don’t worry, any additional features or offers won’t be affected by the price change. You can also go to My Sky to check your monthly statement and see the changes that are specific to you.

Why is there a price increase?

We’re spending record amounts on must-see TV

Our investment in British-made TV is the fastest growing of any broadcaster in the UK – and next year we’ll be spending £600m on making original British TV shows. We’ll also continue to bring you the very best of American drama on Sky Atlantic, which you can’t get anywhere else.

New products

We now offer the UK’s biggest Catch Up TV service straight to your TV, including Sky channels, BBC iPlayer, ITV on demand and 4oD. Sky Go is better than ever with up to 49 channels to watch on tablet, laptop or smartphone depending on your Sky TV subscription and the device you’re using.

Customer support

We’ve opened four more UK call centres so you can get straight through to someone who can help you directly. We’re also training an additional 700 specialist engineers, so we’ll be with you more quickly and address your issue more efficiently than ever before.

Why wasn’t I notified?

Our letter or email notifications will be sent to all customers in July. You can view your monthly statement in My Sky when you sign in using your Sky iD.

When will the price rise happen?

Our prices will change from 1 September. However as you pay for your Sky bill a month in advance, you’ll first see the change in your August bill.

Why is the billing amount staggered? It is very confusing.

You pay your Sky bill one month in advance, so this means you will start to see an increase in your August bill but not the full amount. Your September bill will reflect your new monthly bill going forward. Don’t worry, you won’t be overcharged and you can view your monthly statement online by signing in to My Sky or by pressing the red button on your TV remote control. The information below explains how the new prices will impact your August bill depending on your Sky bill date.

Price change example 1 Price change example 2 Price change example 3

What if I want to cancel?

We’re sorry to hear that you’re thinking of leaving Sky. There are lots of ways to get even more value from your Sky subscription at no extra cost and we are always investing in our channels, shows and technology to give you the best experience.

To find out if you are making the most of everything included in your Sky subscription go to My Sky.

If you are no longer in your minimum term and you want to discuss your options with one of our advisors please call us on 08448 244 450.

When do you plan to have a further price increase?

There are no plans to increase our Sky TV prices any further, however we reserve the right to review our subscriptions should our costs or levels of investment change.

I just got Sky on a 12 month contract, am I expected to pay this increase immediately?

Your 12 month Sky TV contract entitles you to protection from any price increases in the first 60 days of your subscription. During the first 12 months of your contract you are also protected from price rises that are greater than 10%.

Will my Sky Broadband and Sky Talk be going up as well?

There are no changes to the Sky Broadband, Sky Talk & Line Rental prices for existing customers at this stage. However, some of our call rates are changing from the 1 September. Find out more about these changes at sky.com/callpricing.

Are there any other changes to Sky Talk?

From 13 August 2013, we will no longer be offering the existing Sky Talk Anytime product to new customers. If you’re already a customer and you have Sky Talk Anytime you’ll be able to keep this product.

Why don’t you send a paper bill to show how my bill has changed?

Sky is a Carbon Neutral company and we’re committed to reducing the amount of paper that we’re using for printing and the resources involved in delivering our communications. That’s why we have your billing information available online at My Sky. To ensure you were kept up to date with the changes we have sent you a letter or email to let you know that our prices are going up.