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Installing Sky in your new home

Whether you choose installation by a Sky engineer or to install Sky yourself, there are some simple steps to follow.

  • Engineer install

    What the engineer does

    If you've chosen an engineer installation in your new home, they will discuss with you the best location for your satellite dish and the routing of all cables from your Sky box. Some cabling will be run externally and holes will be drilled through a wall of your house for cable access to your satellite dish. Any internal cables will be tacked to the skirting board. Our ability to complete the installation is subject to Sky's Health and Safety Regulations.

    After setting up your equipment, our engineer will ensure you are receiving your TV picture and sound and demonstrate how any new TV equipment works. You can also arrange for us to install your broadband router at a later date after your broadband is active, but it’s really easy to do this yourself.

    If your move doesn't go ahead

    You can cancel your job at any time, right up to the day before the visit. Please let us know you don’t need our engineer to visit as soon as possible so we can help another customer in the time slot we had allocated for your home move. If you have an existing appointment you can track the status of it on our order tracking page.

  • Self-install

    If there is a working dish at your new home, you have the right amount of connectors for each box (two each for a Sky+ or Sky+HD box) and the cables go to all of the rooms you want Sky, it’s easy. Use the instructions on our Set up your Sky box page.

    If there's a dish on your new house but you don’t know if it works, book an engineer visit for your home move so you're sure that you will have viewing in your new home.

  • Broadband & Talk

    When you tell us you're moving, we'll check your new postcode and tell you which Sky Broadband products we should be able to provide in your new home. Please note that while we can give a very good indication that you are in a Sky Broadband Network area, we cannot tell for sure until your phone line is active.

    Before we can order your broadband to your new address, we will need to cancel the broadband from your old one. This takes around 10 days, so make sure you give us enough notice. You may receive an automatically generated letter saying that you're leaving Sky broadband, but don't worry - you can come straight back.

    Once you are in your new property and the phone line is up and running, simply place an order for your new Sky Broadband service and your new Sky Broadband service should then be active within 10 days.

    Don't forget to unplug your microfilters from the telephone sockets in your old home and take them with you. You’ll need to plug them into every telephone socket in your new home which you use for a Sky box, telephone or broadband router. Your Sky Broadband service will not work properly if you do not connect via a microfilter.

    Go to our Check your microfilters article for help on connecting your microfilters correctly.

    Connect your Sky wireless router once your line is activated, then look for the signal in 'available wireless networks' and continue to use your existing network password. If BT tell you that there is no BT-compatible line in your new home you will need to get a new BT-compatible phone line. When you have had your new BT line active for five working days, you can order Sky Broadband at your new home.

    How long before I get Sky Broadband & Talk?

    If you have ordered Sky Line Rental, we will need to check whether there is an existing compatible phone line at your new home before we can confirm when your line will be working and whether you will need an engineer visit or not. We will be able to tell you this when we speak to you to take your Sky Broadband and Talk order.

    It usually takes about two weeks to get a phone line working. Your Sky Talk calls package will be activated at the same time as your phone line. If you are also taking Sky Broadband, the timescales will vary depending on whether your new home is in a Sky Network area. If it is, your broadband will be activated at the same time as your phone line and calls. Otherwise, your broadband will be activated about 10 days after your phone line and calls.

    If you have your telephone line rental with another provider, just let us know when your line is active and we can place your order for Sky Broadband & Talk.

    Move a Sky Talk calls only package

    To move your Sky Talk, you need to make sure you have a BT-compatible phone line at your new property. You can find this out by calling BT and telling them about your move. Make sure you tell them that you want to take your Sky Talk with you. Your Sky Talk package will remain active throughout the moving process and you will continue to pay Sky for any calls you make, according to your Sky Talk package.

    If BT tell you that there is no BT-compatible line in your new home you will need to get a BT-compatible phone line installed; the provider should be able to install a brand new line for you, however if you would rather have your line rental through Sky, we can provide the phone installation for you.

    When you have had your new BT line active for five working days, call us to arrange Sky Talk Calls at your new home. Please note, you should only order Line Rental with the Unlimited Weekend plan from BT if you intend to remain with Sky Talk, if you select a chargeable calls package from BT you may be subject to a contract with BT and minimum terms.

    It usually takes 14 days for your line to become active with BT. Then, after you order Sky Talk, another 14 days for Sky Talk to become active. During the time between your line and Sky Talk going active, you will pay BT for any telephone calls that you make on their call package.

    If there is no BT-compatible line in your new home

    You will need to get a new BT-compatible phone line. When you have had your new BT line active for five working days, call us to order Sky Broadband at your new home.

    Phone line installation

    If you don’t have any BT-type phone sockets in the property you will need a visit from a BT Openreach engineer. We will confirm when you place your order whether you will need an engineer visit or not and we can arrange this for you if you do need a visit. Just let us know that you want Sky Line Rental at your new home when you complete the online booking process and a member of our home move team will contact you

    Rearranging telephone engineer visits

    If you are not going to be available on the day and time you've booked your engineer visit for Sky TV or Sky Talk installation, please try to let us know. On the following page you'll be able to enter your query so we can find the right team to help you. We will arrange another appointment as soon as we have an engineer available.

    When are telephone engineers available?

    Sky's telephone engineers can come on any week day apart from bank holidays, so it should be easy to find an appointment that suits you.

    Can the engineer install another telephone point?

    We can’t install any telephone extension points, you can speak to an independent telephone engineer about adding additional telephone points.

    Will I get the same Broadband product in my new area?

    Your broadband package depends on availability at your exchange and whether you are in a Sky network area. It is possible to check broadband availability online.