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Moving Home FAQs

If you have a question about any part of the Home Move process, read our frequently asked questions below.

  • General

    How can I book my Sky Home Move?

    There are two ways You can book a Home Move:

    If you're only moving your Sky TV service to your new home and aren't planning to upgrade to Sky Multicreen, you can also use our online Home Move tool.

    How much notice should I give to Sky to book my move?

    You'll need to give us at least two weeks’ notice to allow us enough time to move your services to your new address. You can book your Home Move up to 90 days in advance.

    How much will it cost to book my Home Move?

    If you require a Sky engineer to install your Sky TV at your new address, there will be a small one-off payment required. If you need a ‘non-standard’ installation, this may cost extra.

    Whether your installation is classed as standard or not is dependent on how easy it is to set up your Sky TV.

    As a rough guide, a standard installation covers:

    • Installing your dish and Sky box(es).
    • Neatly running cabling inside and outside the home (e.g. around skirting boards, door frames etc).
    • Connecting boxes to a standard BT type master phone socket.

    Examples of a non-standard installation could involve:

    • Difficulty accessing the dish location safely using standard equipment.
    • Concealing cables (e.g. in lofts, cavity walls, under floor boards).
    • Installation of additional cabling to link to a communal system (e.g. a block of flats).

    Non-standard installations may need to be carried out by independent engineers who may charge for the work. When possible, we’ll let you know this at the time you book your Home Move, however in some cases an engineer will need to assess the specific situation at your property before a judgement is made.

    Please visit our Home Move site for more information or contact us to speak to one of our dedicated Home Move advisors.

    Will my Sky products and services work as soon as I move into my new home?

    Your Sky TV will work as soon as the box is plugged in, switched on and connected to a Sky dish. If you already have a Sky dish, you can choose to set up your TV yourself. If not, we’ll arrange to send an engineer to your home as soon as we have one available, usually within five days of your move date.

    Your Sky Broadband and Sky Talk products should start working from the date we provide to you when we book your move, although this date may be impacted by how much work is required by Openreach to set up your phone line. We’ll let you know if there is going to be a delay to your Sky Broadband and Sky Talk services.

    My Sky box does not work at my present property. What do I do?

    We can book a move and service visit to replace your Sky box at the same time. Just tell the advisor when booking your move and we’ll arrange for an engineer to come to your property.

    What do I need to take with me to my new home?

    Please remember to take all of your Sky equipment with you to your new property. With the exception of your satellite dish and the cables running from it to your Sky box(es), you’ll need all of your other current equipment including your:

    • Sky box(es)
    • Viewing card(s)
    • Sky remote control(s)
    • Wireless connector (if you have one)
    • Internal cables (HDMI/SCART cable and power leads)
    • Broadband router (if you have one)

    Make sure you take any other equipment you currently use to enjoy Sky in your current property before you leave.

    Will I still be charged for my Sky products if there is a delay between leaving my old property and moving into my new property?

    Your Sky TV service is continuous and will not be stopped when you unplug your Sky box. This means you can continue to use Sky Go throughout your Home Move journey. Your TV billing amount will therefore not change and you will continue to be charged in the usual way.

    If you have Sky Broadband and Talk, these services will be stopped at your current home and will restart at your new home on the date provided to you. You will not be charged whilst these services are stopped. Charges may apply for non-standard installations.

    Can I share my dish?

    We can't connect two different households to one dish unless you have a communal system (e.g. a block of flats).

    Can I take my phone number with me?

    If you’re an existing Sky customer, unfortunately we are not currently able to transfer your phone number to your new property.

    Can I still have my Sky box(es) installed if the phone line isn't activated?

    Yes, there’s no longer a requirement to connect your Sky box directly to a phone line. In order to access Sky’s on demand service including the UK’s biggest Catch Up TV service, you’ll need to connect your Sky+HD box to a working broadband network using either an On Demand Connector, a Sky+HD box with built in Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

    Can I use Sky Go even if I haven’t installed my Sky box yet?

    Yes, providing you have a Broadband connection available (this can be a 3G connection) and that you have an active Sky Go subscription.

    Will my Sky Broadband speed be the same at my new address as it is now?

    Not necessarily. Your Sky Broadband speed is dependent on the distance your new property is from the telephone exchange. The Home Move advisor you speak to when booking your move will be able to tell you your current line speed if you’re already with Sky and will be able to give you an estimate of the speed at your new property.

    If my router isn’t near my TV, do I have any other options for using On Demand?

    One of our Sky engineers can help you to connect your Sky box to the master phone socket using the cabling from your previous home, please remember to take this with you. If you need a longer cable, you can purchase one from most hardware stores. If there is a long distance between your Sky box and router and cabling isn't practical, our engineers will be able to provide you with a Wireless Connector. Please ask them about this when they visit.

    Why is my On Demand not working, even though my broadband and phone line are active?

    There may be a problem either with your set up or with the connection between your router and your Sky+ box. Use our online step by step guide to help resolve your problem.

    If I move home with Sky, will I need to take a new contract for my Sky products and services?

    No, you won’t be entered into a new contract if you move with the same products and services you have at your current address. Your existing terms and conditions will still apply unless you choose to take any additional products or services at your new address. In this case, you may have a minimum term attached to your new products and services.

    Can I move home if I have an outstanding balance on my account?

    No, unfortunately you can’t take advantage of Sky’s Home Move service if you have any overdue payments on your account but you are able to clear your overdue balance on the phone whilst booking your move.

    Any other questions?

    If you still have any concerns, please contact us for further assistance.

  • TV Self-set up

    If you want to set your Sky box up yourself, you'll need to make sure your new address has an existing Sky dish.

    You'll need to bring all of your existing equipment with you, including the cabling required to connect the dish into your home. You'll also need:

    • Sky box(es)
    • Viewing card(s)
    • Sky remote control(s)
    • Wireless connector (if you have one)
    • Internal cables (HDMI/SCART cable and power leads)
    • Broadband router (if you have one)
    • Microfilters (if you have broadband)

    I thought I had a dish at my new property but there doesn't seem to be one. What should I do?

    You’ll need to book a Sky engineer visit to help you with your Sky TV install. Just give us a call and a dedicated Home Move advisor will sort that out for you.

    My telephone and/or broadband aren't active yet, can I still set up my Sky box(es)?

    Yes, although you’ll need to connect your Sky box(es) to a working phone line within six weeks of moving. Without connecting the phone line and Ethernet cables you’ll find you’ve limited or no access to interactive services or On Demand. Also, any software updates for your Sky box won’t be completed.

    I told you I wanted to set up my Sky TV myself but I’ve changed my mind. Can I still book an engineer?

    Yes. Just give us a call and we’ll sort that out for you.

    Can I self-install my own Broadband and Talk?

    You can connect your router to the master phone socket in your new property but you’ll need assistance from Openreach to activate your Sky Talk phone line. Most phone lines can be activated remotely by Openreach without requiring an engineer visit, although in some cases an engineer may need to install a new phone line and socket for you. We’ll let you know when you place the order which of these install types will apply to you.

    You’ll need to plug microfilters into every telephone socket in your new home which you use for a Sky box, telephone or broadband router. Your Sky Broadband service will not work properly if you do not connect via a microfilter.

    Go to our Check your microfilters article for help on connecting your microfilters correctly.

    There is a socket in my wall for satellite feeds but I can’t connect to my Sky box, what should I do?

    If the cables won't connect to the socket from the Sky box, you’ll need to book one of our Sky engineer visits. Just give us a call.

    What should I do if I have lost one of my cables whilst moving home?

    You’ll need to contact us to book a Sky engineer visit to help you with your Sky TV install.

    Any other questions?

    If you still have any concerns, please contact us for further assistance.

  • Engineer install

    Why can't I book an engineer for the day I move in?

    When you book your Sky Home Move, you’ll be able to request a date for your Sky products and services to be installed. We ask that you don’t book your TV install visit on the same day that you move into your new home as our engineers will require clear access throughout your property and will need all of the equipment brought from your old property to have been unpacked. If access to your home is blocked by vehicles or belongings, our engineers will not be able to complete the installation and you will need to book another appointment.

    Can I choose a specific time slot for my engineer visit?

    Once you have requested an installation date, you can then request a before 1pm or after 1pm installation time but this will depend on engineer availability. If your requested installation date isn't available the next available date will be offered.

    Can I have an evening appointment?

    Evening appointments aren’t available for Sky or Openreach engineers; our timeslots run up until 5pm. When you are booking your installation you’ll be able to choose a morning or an afternoon appointment if available.

    Can the engineer set up Sky in more than one room while installing my existing equipment?

    If you want to move home with a new Sky Multiscreen subscription, please contact our National Home Move Centre and explain your requirements. Our engineers need to know exactly how many boxes to install at your property before the day of the install.

    Will the Sky engineer go to my old house to get my dish?

    No. Our engineer will install a brand new dish at your new home. Alternatively, if there is already a Sky dish at the new property, we may connect your Sky TV to the existing dish.

    Does someone need to be in the house when the engineer comes?

    Yes, both the Sky and, if needed, Openreach engineers will need an adult (over the age of 18) present before they will enter the property. They will be needed to make decisions regarding the location of your Sky dish and the cable route into the house.

    If I have missed my engineer appointment, will I be charged to reschedule?

    We ask you to let us know if you are no longer able to be at home for your engineer visit, you can even contact us the morning of your visit to reschedule. We understand however that moving home is a stressful process and we will not charge you to reschedule if you do miss your appointment. Just give us a call and we’ll set up a new visit for you.

    Does the engineer need somewhere to park their van?

    The engineer must carry heavy equipment from their van, so they'll require adequate parking within a reasonable distance from your property.

    Will the Sky TV engineer be able to do the job if my furniture has not arrived?

    If you’re having your Sky TV installed by an engineer, as long as you have your TV and your Sky equipment from your old house unpacked and in the right position and the electricity is turned on, the engineer will be able to complete the installation. Please also make sure that the engineer has a clear path to the room(s) where your Sky TV will be installed. They won’t be able to climb over boxes and you should also make sure there aren’t any obstructions outside the house that might prevent them from easily positioning the satellite dish.

    I currently only have one Sky box. Can the engineer set up additional boxes for me when they visit my new property?

    Yes, but you’ll need to upgrade to Sky Multiscreen before the engineer arrives to receive the additional boxes and viewing cards. Just give us a call and we can arrange that for you.

    If I want the cables under my carpets will the engineer do that?

    Sky engineers are not able to crawl underneath floorboards or lift up your carpeting. You’ll need to agree on a route for the cable running between your Sky dish and your Sky box that does not require them to do these things.

    Will the Sky TV engineer install my TVlinks for me?

    TVlinks are devices that allow you to control your Sky box from a second location. Sky engineers no longer install these devices. If you have a TVlink then you may be able to install this yourself or ask an independent engineer to install this for you.

    Any other questions?

    If you still have any concerns, please contact us for further assistance.