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McAfee Parental Controls

McAfee Parental Controls has been replaced by Sky Broadband Shield which provides a simple way to control how types of websites can be accessed through your Sky Broadband connection and works with all the devices in your home. Find out more about Sky Broadband Shield.

Customers who have previously downloaded McAfee Parental Controls can continue to use the software and the instructions below are on how to set up your Parental Controls.

  • How to use

    To set up McAfee Parental Controls you’ll need to be signed in to your computer with "Administrator rights". You'll also need to create non-Administrator user accounts for each child who uses the computer. These can be Windows or McAfee user accounts.

    Create a McAfee Administrator password

    Step 1

    Open McAfee Security Centre and select Parental Controls.

    Select Parental Controls

    Step 2

    Select Parental Controls.

    Select Parental Controls

    Step 3

    You need to set up an Administrator Password for McAfee. This will stop your children from being able to change the Parental Controls settings you set up within the software.

    On the Parental Controls screen next to Administrator Password, select Set.

    Select administrator password

    Step 4

    Create a password, re-enter the password and then enter a password hint. Use a word or phrase for the hint that is different from your password.

    Create a password

    Make sure you have memorised your password and/or written it down and put it in a safe place as you'll need this to make any changes to the settings in the future.

    Blocking websites

    To block particular websites for different users, you will need to create non-Administrator user accounts for each user who uses the computer. To learn how to create these types of accounts for a user, please visit the Microsoft Windows support website.

    Once these accounts have been created, follow the steps below to help you block particular websites for the accounts created.

    Step 1

    In the McAfee Parental Controls software, select the user account on Windows that you wish to protect and select Protect.

    Select the user account on Windows

    Step 2

    Select the child's age range you want to set up Parental Controls for.

    Select the child's age range

    Step 3

    The categories of website that will be blocked and allowed are selected based on the age category you selected. If you want to alter the preselected categories just click on the arrows to move them to and from the allowed or blocked section.

    If that's all you wish to set up you can select Done. Selecting Optional Settings at this stage will allow you to enable some advanced features like block specific websites (called Safesearch) and/or set what time the user can go online.

    Blocking specific websites/Enable Safesearch

    In addition to the preselected categories of websites that are blocked and allowed based on the age category of the user you selected, you can also block any particular websites you do not want them to have access to. To do this:

    Once you have selected Optional Settings to turn on the SafeSearch feature, make sure the box is ticked next to Block websites that contain potentially inappropriate images or language from appearing in your child’s search results.

    If you want to block or allow a specific web site, type the web site address in the box and select either Allow or Block as appropriate and then click Add.

    Enable safe search

    By default, keyword filtering is enabled, which means that a default list of keywords and corresponding rules is used to rate content for users according to their content rating group. This means that when a user searches for these keywords, related content will either appear or be blocked.

    Set time limits for internet use

    You can also set limitations on the times that each user can go on the internet. To do this:

    Step 1

    Within Optional Settings, select Online Schedule.

    Step 2

    Select I want to choose when my child can go online and then choose the times on the grid to specify when that user can access the internet.

    Set time limits

    The grid uses 30 minute intervals with green portions representing periods during which the user can access the internet and white portions represent days and times during which access is denied.

    If a user tries to log onto the internet during a prohibited period, they’ll see a notification that their access is blocked and will not be able to view any websites. It’s also possible to use this feature to prohibit a user from accessing the internet entirely (i.e. at all times) - that user can use the computer to access their files, play games and work, but won’t be able to view websites or use email at any time.

    You can no longer go online message

    Step 3

    Once you have chosen your time periods, click OK. You'll see a confirmation screen showing an overview of the settings you have selected. For example:

    Saved time settings

  • Enable on an Apple Mac

    Step 1

    From the Apple menu in the top right of the screen, choose System Preferences.

    From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences

    Step 2

    In System Preferences choose Parental Controls.

    Choose Parental Controls

    Step 3

    Select the user account on the left side of the window that you would like to enable filtering for.

    Select the user account

    Note: Parental Controls cannot be enabled for administrator accounts, admin accounts will not appear in the window. Check Account preferences in System Preferences to see which account/s have what level of access, for example admin or managed.

    Step 4

    Select Enable Parental Controls.

    Enable Parental Controls button

    Step 5

    Select the Content/Web tab.

    Select Content or Web tab

    Step 6

    Choose one of the three Website Restrictions:

    • Website Restrictions Allow unrestricted access to websites (unrestricted)
    • Try to limit access to adult websites automatically (automatic)
    • Allow access to only these websites (whitelist)

    Chose the Website Restriction you need

    See the Apple support page for a description of each of these Web Restriction settings.

    Step 7

    Repeat steps three to six for other non-administrator accounts for which you would like to enable filtering.