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Sky Broadband Shield troubleshooting

If you encounter any problems when setting up or using Sky Broadband Shield on your devices, find out what to do by reading our frequently asked questions below.

I've forgotten my Sky iD username and/or password

If you've forgotten your Sky iD details, there's no need to worry. You can retrieve your username or reset your password online by following the instructions provided.

I’m not receiving email confirmations when I've changed my settings

Your confirmation emails are sent to the registered household email address. If you're the account holder and you don’t currently have an email address associated with your account or would like to change it, sign in to the Household details page in My Sky.

Why is the confirmation email not displaying correctly on my Blackberry?

Some models of Blackberry mobile phones are not able to display HTML emails correctly, which means you may not be able to read the emails we send you about Sky Broadband Shield when using your phone.

You can check your current Sky Broadband Shield settings by signing in to My Sky.

I can’t access a website but I’m not seeing the blocked page screen

If you've chosen to block a site that uses a secure https connection (such as Facebook and Twitter), the secure connection prevents us displaying the blocked page screen we would normally show.

I can’t access my work VPN when using Sky Broadband Shield

If you work from home but are unable to connect to your work VPN, you'll need to add the VPN server address into your Allowed website list. You can add this by signing in to My Sky and scrolling to the Advanced features section.

I can’t sign into PlayStation Network or Xbox Live

Access to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live is restricted under the Online Gaming category. If you have selected a Sky Broadband Shield rating of PG or selected Online Gaming as part of your Custom setting, you won’t be able to sign in to either of these.

I’ve just seen a website that I think should be blocked by Sky Broadband Shield, what do I do?

Sign in to My Sky and check your Sky Broadband Shield settings to make sure you’ve selected the right categories to block that type of site. If you’ve recently changed your settings, these can take a few minutes to take effect once you’ve saved them and we recommend that you restart your web browser.

If you think that the site should already be blocked based on the settings you’ve chosen you can let us know by sending an email to CRSupport@bskyb.com.

I own a website and I believe it's been categorised incorrectly. How can I change this?

Websites are categorised for Broadband Shield by a third party, but if you think that your site is in the wrong category you can email us at CRSupport@bskyb.com. We'll review your request, and if we agree it’s in the wrong category we’ll get this updated as soon as we can.

If you would like more information about Sky Broadband Shield and how it works, you can find answers to a number of common questions in our Sky Broadband Shield explained article.