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Caller display

If you want to know who’s calling before you pick up the phone, you can choose to see the incoming number when it rings, if you have a phone with a display. This is usually a small screen, often on the cradle rather than the handset, and may display just the incoming number (if it hasn’t been withheld by the caller) or the name of the caller if it’s someone you’ve added to your address book. The display depends on the make/model of your phone and how you’ve set it up, rather than the Sky Talk settings you choose.

To switch caller display on

Dial code star ( * ), hash ( # ), 2, 3, 4, hash ( # ) (in other words, press the star button, then the hash button, then two, then three, then four, then the hash button). You should see the message ”Caller identity” on your phone if the service is active.

If you don’t see the message

Dial star ( * ), 2, 3, 4, hash ( # ), (in other words press the star button, then two, then three, then four, then the hash button) to activate the service.

If you still find it’s not switched on, but there are no other problems with your line or telephone, please Contact Us.

It may be possible to set up your phone to display names if someone you know is ringing you, to make it easier to identify callers. You’ll need to refer to your phone manual or check with the manufacturer to do this.

Please note that some call features are free for Sky Talk Line Rental customers, but some optional extras are available for a little extra. Charges for extra services are added to your Sky bill and can be viewed online or on your TV at any time. For a full list of our latest features and prices, please see our Sky Talk Call Features page.