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Using the Sky TV Guide

Using Sky Guide

Sky Guide is the collective name for all the onscreen Sky menus that can be accessed through your Sky remote. With Sky Guide, you can check what's on in the TV Guide, watch recordings in the Planner, view selected programmes in On Demand, set up parental controls and much more.

To access Sky Guide, press tv guide on your Sky remote control. The horizontal menu at the top of the Sky Guide displays the current section. We'll refer to this as the top ribbon.

  1. Press the left/right arrow buttons to move across to the section you'd like to view.
  2. With the desired section highlighted in the top ribbon, press the select button. This will highlight a sub-section in the horizontal menu in the middle of the screen. We'll refer to this as the middle ribbon.
  3. With the desired sub-section highlighted in the middle ribbon, press the select button. This will move the highlight down into the lower half of the screen.
  4. You can now navigate through the lower half of the screen to make selections and change settings.

Example: Viewing the TV Guide

  1. Press tv guide to open the listings with TV Guide highlighted in the top ribbon.
  2. Press select and the selection moves to All.
  3. Press select again and the selection moves down into the list of available channels.
  • Press the up/down arrows to move through the channels in the TV listings.
  • Press the left/right arrows to move through times of day in the TV listings.
  • Press the ch +/- button to jump up and down through entire pages of TV listings.
  • Press record to record a programme.
  • Press the coloured buttons to access additional screens and Sky Guide features.

When you're done, press the sky button to return to live TV.

Sky Guide summary

The same basic principles apply throughout the Sky Guide:

  1. Select a section in the top ribbon.
  2. Select a section in the middle ribbon.
  3. Navigate and make selections and changes in the lower half of the screen.
  4. Press the sky button to return to live TV.

Personal Planner

This is the section where you can manage your reminders, as well as find, delete and manage your recordings if you have a Sky+ enabled box.


Sky’s enhanced Search makes it easier to find the TV you want to watch, when you want to watch it. You can search by anything including title, actor, event or genre.

If you aren't connected to your broadband you’ll only have the basic search which only allows you to search for the exact title. Read our article on how to Set up your Sky box to see how you can connect your compatible Sky+HD box to a router from any broadband provider.

Find out if your Sky+ box is compatible

How to use Search

Accessing Search

To access search, simply press tv guide on your Sky remote followed by the blue button. If you have the new Search, you’ll see a screen like the one below:

Search TV screen

Perform a Search

Use the number keys on your Sky remote to enter a word you’re searching for. For example, press the number 2 button once for ‘A’, and twice for ‘B’. Press 0 for a space.

If you need to delete a letter press the left arrow button. Pressing back up will clear all words from the search box.

As you type, popular suggestions will appear, meaning that you don’t always need to type in the full word.

Search suggestions

Use the down arrow to highlight the suggested search result and press select.

Highlight the suggested search result

If you want to search for something that’s not in the suggestions, press select to search for the word you’ve typed.

Pressing the red button will take you back to the search box if you want to make a new search.

You can also search in your Planner. Just start typing what you’re look for in your Planner and you’ll find it in no time.

The results

Results from the TV Guide in the next seven days and On Demand are grouped together. Multiple showings of the same programme are shown by a ‘stack’.

Search results