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Fix problems with your TV picture

Are you experiencing problems with the picture on your TV? If something has gone wrong with your Sky box, TV set or connections you may see:

  • A plain or multi-coloured screen, such as a blue or green screen with no pictures at all.
  • A rolling or jumping picture.
  • Programmes that should be in colour showing in black and white.
  • Blurred or frozen images on the screen.
  • Snowflakes (just showing moving white dots/interference).
  • Picture blocking (‘blocky’ or pixelated picture, image split into rectangular shapes).

If so, you may find that a quick reboot of your equipment solves the issue. Try switching off your TV set and any equipment connected to it, including your Sky box and DVD player or VCR at the mains for three minutes.

Switch everything back on, and wait for your Sky box to reboot. The lights on your Sky box will come back on after a couple of minutes. When they do, switch your TV set on, then press Sky on your remote control and you should see a clear picture.