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Fix Sky Go issues

If you’re having difficulty using Sky Go, either on your computer or using the Sky Go app on your mobile or tablet device, select the relevant tab below to find help with resolving your issue.

  • Sky Go on your computer

    I’m unable to sign in

    If you can't sign in to Sky Go because you've forgotten your username or password, use the following links and then try to sign in again:

    Retrieve your username
    Reset your password

    Programmes not playing as expected

    If you’re trying to watch a programme on Sky Go through your web browser and it’s not playing as expected, you should first check which browser you’re using. Sky Go is only supported on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari (Mac only).

    If you’re still experiencing problems, restarting your computer will often resolve the problem:

    1. If you’re currently signed in to the Sky Go website, sign out.
    2. Close all web browser windows.
    3. Restart your computer.
    4. Open your web browser and go back to the Sky Go website.
    5. Select Sign in and enter your username and password when prompted.
    6. Try watching Sky News – available in the Watch live TV section of the Home tab.
    7. If you still can't view programmes, your version of Microsoft Silverlight plug-in may need updating. Go to Microsoft Silverlight to check that you have the latest version.

    Pop-out player not appearing

    If the pop-out window doesn’t appear after you’ve tried to open it, your browser may be preventing the pop-out window from opening. Depending on your browser, follow the instructions below to turn off your pop-up blocker.

    Firefox: Open the Firefox menu in the top left corner of your browser window and select Options. Choose your new pop-up settings from the Content tab then press OK.

    Internet Explorer: Open the Tools menu at the top of your Internet Explorer window (if you can’t see this, press Alt on your keyboard to bring up the browser toolbar). Select Pop-up Blocker, followed by Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

    Safari: You can toggle the pop-up blocker on Safari by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Command+K.

    Sky Go Desktop problems

    If you’ve downloaded Sky Go Desktop and are experiencing problems with it, most issues can be resolved by following these steps below.

    Check the date and time on your computer

    If your computer's date and time are incorrect it can cause issues with the license preventing delivery to your device or causing the license to expire.

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Ensure that your computer's date and time is set correctly.
    3. Try to launch Sky Go Desktop again to see whether the service is working as normal.

    Reinstall Sky Go Desktop

    If you've signed in to Sky Go Desktop but things still aren't working, you may need to reinstall Sky Go Desktop.

    1. Launch Sky Go Desktop (you don’t need to sign in).
    2. Right-click anywhere inside the Sky Go Desktop window.
    3. Click Remove this application.
    4. Download and reinstall Sky Go Desktop from the Sky Go website.
    5. If this is also unsuccessful, try upgrading to the latest version of the free Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.
  • Sky Go app

    Can't download or install the Sky Go app

    If you’re experiencing difficulty in downloading or accessing the Sky Go app on your Android or Apple device, you should check that your device is supported by Sky Go. Our Sky Go supported devices article lists all of the devices on which Sky Go is currently available, as well as the required technical specifications.

    If your Android device is listed as compatible, please ensure that you are attempting to download the correct Sky Go Android app for your device. There are currently two Sky Go apps available for Android devices in the Google Play Store. Sky Go is compatible with selected devices with screens up to seven inches, and Sky Go Tablet is our new app designed for the majority of Android tablets with screens of seven inches or larger.

    Incorrect username or password

    If you're having difficulty signing in to Sky Go, you can use the following links to retrieve your username and reset your password. Once you've done this, try signing in again.

    Retrieve your username

    Reset your password

    Forgotten Sky Go PIN

    If you've forgotten your Sky Go PIN, you can find it by following these steps:

    1. Sign in to My Sky using your Sky iD and password.
    2. Go to the Profile & Settings section of the My Sky menu and select My details.
    3. Go to TV Settings menu.
    4. Underneath the header Sky Go preferences, you will see a box containing your current PIN.

    Poor picture quality

    When streaming programmes on Sky Go, the picture quality is dependent on the strength of your Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G signal. Sky Go will automatically detect the speed of your connection and adjust the stream accordingly (known as an adaptive bitrate streaming), including an audio only stream for poor quality connection. For best quality Sky Go streaming, we recommend a minimum speed of 2Mb per second. You can find out more about Broadband speeds in our Broadband speeds explained article.

    If you’re struggling to get a strong broadband signal in a certain room of your house and it’s affecting your Sky Go picture, our Sky Wireless Booster helps extend your broadband signal to those rooms your broadband signal doesn’t quite reach. You can buy the Sky Wireless booster from our Sky Shop.

    I’m seeing the onscreen message “Limit Reached: Unable to Register this device”

    With Sky Go you can register up to two devices and with Sky Go Extra you can register up to four devices. This onscreen message indicates that the limit of registered devices has been reached.

    Find out more information on device limits and how this affects you

    Will Sky Go work on jailbroken/rooted devices?

    No. In keeping with our contractual obligations to ensure content protection, Sky Go is not supported on jailbroken Apple devices or rooted Android devices. This may result in the error message "Unknown error - please restart the app if this error persists, or try again later" after you update your Sky Go software on iOS devices. On Android devices, you'll see the error message “Sky Go is not supported on rooted Android devices”.

    You can find out more information about Sky Go rooted devices on our Sky Help Forum.

    Still having difficulty?

    It may seem obvious, but uninstalling and reinstalling the app can resolve many issues including on screen error messages or inability to sign in.

    Android device

    To uninstall Sky Go:

    1. Tap the Apps icon.
    2. Tap Menu Button.
    3. Tap Uninstall.
    4. Tap the app.
    5. Tap Ok.

    To reinstall the Sky Go app:

    1. Select Play Store.
    2. Select Search and type the name of the app.
    3. Select Search again.
    4. Select the app.
    5. Select Install.
    6. If prompted, enter a Google Play Store password.
    7. Select Accept.

    Apple device

    To uninstall Sky Go:

    1. Tap and hold the app icon until all apps wiggle from side to side.
    2. Tap X.
    3. Tap Delete.

    To Reinstall Sky Go:

    1. Select the App Store.
    2. Select Search and type the name of the app.
    3. Select Search again.
    4. Select Free.
    5. If the app has been downloaded before, a "cloud icon" will display instead of Free.
    6. Select Install.
    7. If prompted, enter an iTunes password and select Ok.
    8. The app will begin downloading and installing. Please wait for this to complete.